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The world’s leading experts in floor vibration control

CALMFLOOR Repurposed Buildings


The team behind the CALMFLOOR success story are the world’s leading experts in floor vibration serviceability and control with decades of collective experience and academic research in vibration analysis, design, measurement and control. Together, we’ve pioneered and patented the single most exciting development in the control of floor vibration in buildings ever brought to market.

It began with a quest to resolve the issue of excessive floor vibration that blights the effective, productive use of buildings, their value and the huge cost to our people, profit and planet in fixing it.

The future of architectural freedom to design transparent and long, open-plan and column-free spaces, Net Zero outcomes and building performance and its value as an asset depends on it.


Driven by innovation, sustainability and resilience

Innovation, sustainability and resilience drove our mission to hone and harness active mass damper (AMD) technology that would give building stakeholders a low-cost, low-carbon anti-vibration floor solution. It would also give architects unparalleled scope to design flexible open-plan floors and column-free spaces without any structural intervention. It would be a world first.

CALMFLOOR is that solution.

Thanks to our great British engineering and innovation, CALMFLOOR is hard at work transforming the value, productivity and embodied carbon of a multitude of buildings – first starting, and now delivering, a new era in floor vibration control.

Product Image

“CALMFLOOR is one of the most exciting vibration control products to emerge in the last 20 years. It is the world’s first commercially available mechatronics device specifically developed to replace structural materials as a solution for excessive resonant floor vibrations. This is crucial as vibration serviceability has become the governing design criterion for many modern open-plan, long-span commercial floors, determining the size and shape of millions of square feet that Thornton Tomasetti designs every year in the US and around the world.”

Thornton Tomasetti

“The vibration control technology supplied by FSD Active is hugely effective in reducing floor vibration and currently a unique product – it’s a go-to solution for lively floors when we require a step change in vibration performance, with minimal site work required and negligible impact on the base-build. The product is backed by a highly experienced and capable team providing great support. We have seen the successful installation of the system in a high-profile tower in London and are currently considering other projects for installations.“


“As a structural engineering consultant we often develop and embrace new and innovative solutions to solve complex issues in building design. We are thus proud to be the first consultant in the world to successfully apply the CALMFLOOR vibration control on a carbon efficient, lightweight and open-plan composite floor. The new active mass damping technology transformed and improved the floor’s vibration behaviour beyond expectations. By virtually eliminating floor vibration response under a footfall dynamic loading, the results of CALMFLOOR is impressive. It has an exceptional performance, is very easy to install and – most importantly – it has excellent reliability, operating flawlessly since the installation almost a year ago. CALMFLOOR is a real game-changer when it comes to solving complex floor vibration issues.”


Enhancing performance & transforming sustainability


Everything we do is driven by a commitment to sustainability. From our determination to ensure CALMFLOOR remains the most carbon-competitive, energy-efficient floor vibration solution to our efforts to reduce waste, conserve resources and support sustainable practices in our operations, our eye is always on our impact.


The customer first, always. Understanding every customer’s needs and delivering a floor vibration solution that fulfils and exceeds every expectation in performance and return underpins our operations. Nurturing long-term relationships that are built on trust and integrity is crucial to our mission.


An unshakeable belief in the power of innovation to drive progress and shape our future is fundamental to our core values. It shapes the way we encourage our team to think creatively, explore new ideas and embrace emerging technologies; today, the result is CALMFLOOR – the world’s only commercially available active mass damper solution for building floors.


Excellence is in our DNA and it’s integral to the CALMFLOOR experience. We set high standards for ourselves and have created a culture that inspires everyone to go further and aim higher. This way we’ll create lasting value for our customers, stakeholders and our wider industry.


We believe we’re better when we work together. Indeed, innovation and excellence are a collective effort so it’s only right that we foster a supportive, inclusive working environment in which relationships and teamwork are celebrated and everyone is valued, respected and encouraged to contribute.

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