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Office-to-lab conversions vibration control

CALMFLOOR Repurposed Buildings

Reduce unwanted floor vibration to lab-standard sensitivity in office-to-lab conversions

The demand for high quality lab space is fuelling an exponential drive in office-to-lab conversions – and with it the challenge for the life sciences sector to meet stringent vibration performance criteria is on. Traditional methods to resolve excessive floor vibration rely on high-cost, carbon-heavy materials that severely undermine Net Zero targets and constrain architectural freedom.

CALMFLOOR active mass dampers enable standard low-frequency suspended floors, traditionally seen in commercial office premises, to provide stable, suitable environments for life-science laboratories. This equates to a vibration response factor (R) of R<2 or less than 8,000 mips root-mean-square (RMS) velocity.

CALMFLOOR active vibration control is a pioneering force in ensuring standard low-frequency floors can finally be used to support typical R<2 laboratories – without any structural intervention.

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Commercial and retail

Commercial and retail

CALMFLOOR active floor vibration control can transform performance in working environments and retail shopping experiences. This fast, seamless technology delivers floor vibration control directly to vibration hotspots in workspaces and retail outlets caused by footfall, equipment and road/rail traffic.



CALMFLOOR active mass damping (AMD) floor vibration control in educational buildings, e.g. schools, colleges and universities reduce excessive floor vibrations caused by pedestrians, machinery and road/rail traffic. The result is comfortable, compliant learning environments that prioritise student focus and wellbeing.



CALMFLOOR active floor vibration control is the answer to excessive floor vibration in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare buildings. Through precision-delivered vibration control, CALMFLOOR creates calm, healing and comfortable environments for visitors and patients.



CALMFLOOR active vibration control eliminates excessive floor vibration in office spaces that can have a detrimental effect on workplace productivity and wellbeing. Effects such as trembling floors and shaking computer screens are minimised, leaving comfortable, compliant, ultra-productive and desirable workspaces.

Follow the science for total vibration control in office-to-lab conversions

The success of any building retrofit or repurposing will largely be attributed to design freedom and ambition – in office-to-lab conversion scenarios where performance is critical, this is never more appropriate. Standard laboratories typically necessitate heavy, deep, short-span and high-frequency floors that contrast dramatically with conventional low-frequency office floors.

CALMFLOOR’s compact, multi-frequency active mass damping delivers unrivalled architectural freedom to create high-performance life science environments with floor vibration reduced by up to 90% and to lab-standard sensitivity. There is no other vibration control solution that is commercially available that can achieve this level of floor vibration reduction so easily and remain complaint with and conducive to a high-performance lab environment.

benefits to your sector

Powerful benefits for architects and engineers

Total floor vibration control

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Larger, unsupported spaces within building design

Meets standards for offices, labs and controlled environments

Proven performance: vibrations reduced by 89% in test scenario

Secure online portal to measure performance

Unparalleled speed of deployment

Targeted vibration control delivered exactly, and only, where it’s needed

Low-cost, low-carbon, low-vibration floors

Talk to a vibration control expert to discover how CALMFLOOR can support your office-to-lab conversion plans

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