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Where and how is the active mass damping unit mounted in a building?

How much floor area can each AMD unit control?

How much power does an AMD unit consume?

Do you need to control the whole floor area?

How much maintenance does a CALMFLOOR active mass damper unit require?

What is the carbon footprint for manufacturing a CALMFLOOR unit?

What are the operating carbon emissions of a CALMFLOOR unit?

Does CALMFLOOR save carbon in buildings?

Is CALMFLOOR more cost-effective than traditional methods of controlling vibrations, such as increasing steel/concrete materials?

What is the difference between active vibration control and active vibration isolation?

What is the installation time for a CALMFLOOR active mass damper unit?

What is the lead time for a CALMFLOOR unit?

What level of R Factor does this control and what is the vibration reduction?

What floor construction materials does CALMFLOOR active mass damping work best on?

What are the fire resistance requirements of the CALMFLOOR active mass damper?

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