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Introducing CALMFLOOR: the world’s only active mass floor vibration damper control system

Floor Vibration Damper

One box. Multiple frequencies. Groundbreaking AMD technology.

CALMFLOOR is truly groundbreaking active mass damping (AMD) technology. Each CALMFLOOR AMD uses an inertial mass driven by an electrical motor to deliver active vibration control that relies on a continuous sensing of structural motion. This generates the requisite control force that delivers an unprecedented high level of effective damping – exactly where it’s needed and reducing out any excessive floor vibration.

Key to it all is CALMFLOOR’s unique ability to control several vibration frequencies simultaneously. A passive tuned mass damper is its nearest rival, but controls on a single frequency only. CALMFLOOR’s typical frequency range is 3-30 Hz, which means that, from low-frequency office buildings to high-frequency laboratory floors, CALMFLOOR can convert problematic vibration to meet standard lab requirements.


    Key Features

  • The first modern digital solution to reduce problematic floor vibrations in any existing, retrofit and new building.
  • No structural intervention required, eliminating associated excess disruption, cost and materials.
  • Patented, industry-first active mass damper technology that delivers up to 90% reduction in floor vibrations.
  • Transform a building's performance, value and embodied carbon with Net Zero ambitions realised.
  • Reduce vertical floor vibrations from a wide range of sources, e.g. internal pedestrian footfall, external, road and rail traffic, etc.
  • Secure online portal for real-time status, performance and health monitoring of all installed units and floors at the location of the units.
  • Fast, install-in-a-day technology that’s cost-effective and virtually maintenance free by design.
  • Up to 40 times less moving mass than in tuned mass dampers (TMDs) with similar performance.
  • Meet stringent lab-quality performance criteria – ideally suited to office space-to-lab conversions

Technical features

The key technical features that deliver total design freedom

  • Typical frequency range: 3-30Hz
  • Dimensions: 630 x 385 x 122mm
  • Power: 110-240V, 40/60Hz AC single phase 5A supply required
  • Network connection: Cat 5e/6 Ethernet
  • Weight: 67kg total, internal moving mass: 35kg
  • GB Patent No. 2 605 874. Patent pending in other regions.

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Active vibration control v traditional methods

Simultaneous vibration mode control

A single CALMFLOOR AMD generates unprecedented high levels of damping by controlling a band of modes of vibration simultaneously; the optimal route to controlling resonance of low-frequency floors.

Optimal damping ratios

CALMFLOOR generates considerably higher damping ratios – above 10% depending on the environment, – than tuned mass dampers (TMD). TMDs can control only one vibration mode at a time and are an order of magnitude heavier.

Go longer, leaner, lighter

A multi-tonne TMD will consume a significant portion of the structural strength capacity of a floor – a CALMFLOOR AMD will not.

Exceptional energy efficiency

CALMFLOOR AMDs are highly energy efficient – power consumption is only 20-25W under average usage patterns.

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Low cost,
low carbon

CALMFLOOR can dramatically reduce the amount of raw materials required when constructing a new building floor by as much as 50%.


Mounting options to suit multiple structural configurations

A range of mounting options are available:

Beam/web-mounted CALMFLOOR (bolt directly through rear of unit).

Floor-mounted CALMFLOOR (use feet to secure).

Soffit-mounted CALMFLOOR (use ceiling adapter to secure).


Real-time vibration control performance portal

Every CALMFLOOR installation is supported by a secure, smart online portal for users to track, measure and view status, health and performance of all AMD vibration control units and floor locations where the units are installed.

Thanks to CALMFLOOR’s integrated smart technology, engineers can monitor and analyse floor vibration behaviour under various dynamic loads and environmental conditions – in real time. This allows for continuous proof of measured floor vibration performance to current and future tenets and fast mitigation of excessive vibrations, which means enhanced occupant comfort and improved overall building performance.

The ability to record live vibration data via an online portal also provides invaluable insights into the actual performance of the structure under normal usage conditions – which means more informed decision making for floor rental, upgrading and optimisation strategies.

All portal data is anonymised, transmitted safely and stored securely.

Talk to us about smart portal technology for continuous performance monitoring.

CALMFLOOR Floor Vibration Damper Portal CALMFLOOR Floor Vibration Damper Portal CALMFLOOR Floor Vibration Damper Portal CALMFLOOR Floor Vibration Damper Portal

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