FSD Active announces CALMFLOOR reseller partnership with Motioneering delivering global exposure for world’s only active floor vibration control solution

FSD Active Limited is delighted to announce an exciting new reseller agreement with world-leading motion control specialist, Motioneering, to deploy our revolutionary CALMFLOOR active vibration control solution.

This strategic partnership will create exciting new opportunities for building owners, operators, engineers and architects seeking a fast, low-cost, low-carbon solution to floor vibration problems. CALMFLOOR’s innovative active mass damping (AMD) technology will undoubtedly strengthen Motioneering’s unrivalled portfolio of motion control solutions and serve to radically transform the construction industry forever.

“We’re delighted to be partnering Motioneering, a world leader in vibration control,” commented Steven Senior, COO at FSD Active Limited. “We’re in the midst of an exciting scale-up and with the global exposure our partnership with Motioneering will bring, we’ll reach more stakeholders who can be agents for change within construction.

“Motioneering’s engineers are true visionaries who understand the benefits innovative AMDs deliver and that active vibration control is a big part of the industry’s future. At a time when architectural ambitions on performance, cost, sustainability and carbon commitment have never been so tested, CALMFLOOR active vibration control gives designers and engineers the chance to realise their design and Net Zero goals – and that’s good for everyone.”

Vibration reduced by up to 90%

CALMFLOOR is the world’s only out-of-the-box active floor vibration control and is rapidly garnering interest from across global real estate and development sectors. It’s a low-cost, low carbon 67kg AMD that delivers multi-frequency vibration control directly to designated areas within existing buildings and can be installed in under a day. The technology reduces vibration by up to 90%, creating high-performance, low-vibration environments – crucially without any structural intervention.

There are vital benefits for the new-build construction industry, which continues strives for novel ways to hit Net Zero targets while designing increasingly lighter, leaner, longer and taller buildings. CALMFLOOR presents Motioneering’s customer base with an exciting alternative, as Jamieson Robinson, Vice President Operations at Motioneering, reveals.

“The Motioneering team is dedicated to delivering practical solutions with proven performance to our clients. We’re thrilled to incorporate CALMFLOOR technology as a valuable option in our toolkit for mitigating floor vibration.”


Specialist simulation service to model and predict

For those looking for evidence to support their interest in a CALMFLOOR deployment, a unique try-before-you-buy facility is available. FSD Active’s vibration experts offer a specialist simulation service using modal data to model and predict vibration in a range of scenarios in a building ensuring a seamless, confident switch to AMD-controlled, high-performance environments.

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