CALMFLOOR: Active Vibration Control

Elevate Your Building's Vibration Performance with CALM®FLOOR Active Mass Dampers

calmfloor active mass damper


Key Features

Reduce vibrations from a wide range of sources, from pedestrians walking to external road/rail traffic

Suitable for new and existing buildings

First modern digital solution to reduce problematic floor vibrations

Patented technology that delivers up to 90% reduction in vibrations

Reduces floor vibrations that disrupt building occupants and affect sensitive equipment

Internet connection to secure online portal, for performance and health monitoring

Low powered devices; typical average power 20-25 W

Up to 40 times less moving mass than equivalent performance tuned mass dampers (TMDs)

Easy installation

calmfloor device

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Technical Features

  • Typical frequency range 3-30 Hz
  • Dimensions 630 x 386 x 122 mm
  • Power 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz AC single phase 5A supply required
  • Network connection Cat 5e/6 Ethernet
  • Weight 67 kg total, internal moving mass 35 kg
  • GB Patent No. 2 605 874. Patent pending in other regions.

Mounting Options

Mounting Arrangements for a Wide Range of Structural Configurations

  • Beam / Web mounted (bolted directly through back of unit)
  • Floor mounted (using feet)
  • Soffit mounted (using bracket)

    Secure Online Portal System

    Track, measure, and view your AMD's performance through our CALMFLOOR online platform


    All your data is anonymised, safely transmitted and stored securely.