Paul Reynolds is a vibration control specialist and CEO of FSD Active Limited and today he shares the story of his journey from academia to industry.

With an accomplished career in the academic world, Paul has established himself and innovated within the vibration control industry.

Along with his business partners and expert team at FSD Active Ltd, Paul has launched CALM®FLOOR. CALMFLOOR is a pioneering active mass damping (AMD) product. It can be retrofitted to existing buildings or included in new buildings and developments.

Paul is a founding director of FSD Active Limited. You can meet other members of the team and read more about the CALMFLOOR success pages here.

You can discover more about CALMFLOOR’s revolutionary AMD technology here. If you’d like to read how CALMFLOOR active mass damping reduces floor vibration in commercial new builds, repurposed buildings and existing buildings, please visit our case study pages.

CALMFLOOR AMD technology is ideal for a wide range of market sectors. These include high-rise buildings, offices, sports centres and stadia, educational institutions, and museums and libraries. CALMFLOOR AMDs are also invaluable in transportation hubs, commercial and retail building, entertainment and leisure facilities, healthcare and life sciences environments, hospitality centres and refurbished buildings.

All these market sectors can be explored in more detail by visiting our Market pages. Check out our vibration control for existing buildings, repurposed buildings, new builds and office-to-lab conversions.